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Falling leaves are a sign of change. [13 Nov 2010|04:31pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]


So yeh - the Die Antwoord show got me out and about or as Mr. Rye put it, "At least you were out and being social at an event you hated, so imagine how easy it'll be at something you like." Thanks, Steve - you're actually right on the money.

Schedules have been changing a handful of things. Some friends I don't get to see as much, some I actually have a chance to see, some have ended up working the grave-yard shift to get their stores ready for Black Friday coming up...yeh - that will fuck up your body clock. As if daylight savings wasn't bad enough.

Of course, what with the waking up at 4AM, you'd think I'd be loving that extra hour of sleep and using it to my advantage, going to bed nice and early. You'd be wrong. I believe I've had more "about 2 hours of sleep" type of nights this week than in the past ten years combined. What? I ended up being a lil more social.

You can pick your jaw up off the ground.

I may have kicked my immune system in the teeth after one of these social evenings (followed by 15 hours of sleep in a row the next day), but whatever...the effort has rather quickly seen its return in spades. Yeh, I'm blowing my nose raw, but I believe I've had a weekend that is close to being up there with the Skinny Puppy/Mclusky weekend of '04. Hell - it's still going on - got a game to head to in an hour (another win this evening and that'll be icing on the cake in the ice cream on the brownie).

And next week I get another short break. Then my vacation days a week or so later that will have me seeing Rammstein. Then a 3 week break that will have me across this grand country of ours. Gotta get my car to a shop to give it a once over before that journey!

And as it turns out, Milas do exist.


[UPDATE: Preds won in a shoot-out, 4-3. And...I now get a good 7 hours of sleep before an easy Sunday at work! Great weekend. With the exception of yesterday's bit of sleep deprivation, I'd say it's actually been a rather superb weekend.]

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Die nowoord you plz? [03 Nov 2010|11:48pm]
[ mood | angry ]


Currently at Cannery Ballroom. YouTube celebs Die Antwoord are performing as I type this on my Droid X. Yeh - that's how much I care. This is a tragedy. The only good thing about this how the bar only had fancy 12 yr scotch. Half the crowd were juggalos who didn't get the "joke". The others were hipsters here for the local American Apparel punk duo. I could've taken an artsy photo of me burning money instead, but no. I opted to be social and attend this cheap shit excuse for a show. Fuck this. Makes me wanna hate District 9 just cos.

Might as well be an elaborate Chocolate Rain. Only cool for WASP indie kids.


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Double-Checking [27 Oct 2010|06:07pm]
[ mood | complacent ]


Maybe Mila isn't what I need after all. Or...nah...well...nah...

Other than that, it's been nothing but cleaning, working, Fallout: New Vegas, hockey games, cleaning, working, working, Fallout: New Vegas, and did I mention Fallout: New Vegas? And trying to be a tad more social - I mean...how else will Mila Kunis find out that I exist if I'm holed up in my Fallout: New Vegas?

Trying out more hot chicken joints around town. Hit up one in Hendersonville today while my car was being worked on. Hit up one with EAmy ("EAMY...IT'S IN THE GAME!" Sorry, grrl. Couldn't resist) prior to meeting up with my old writing partner, Mr. Rye, to partake in Music City Improv with Jamie. EA and I concluded a lovely evening with whiskey & Wuthering Heights (oh, that Tom Hardy is dreeeeamy! In all honesty...he was bad ass in Inception).

Goodwill and yard sales with Amy (not EA...Aimo) and my friend Mr. Hangover - she found a hot dress and I found a DI (direct in) box I should've purchased cos I found out later how much it was actually worth though I was in no mood to haggle or reach for my wallet in fear the movement would trigger vomit like an Exorcist FX tech.

Tonight, Blonde Redhead plays. $20+ at the door. It'd be an excellent opportunity to be social and meet non-Mila Kunii, but 1) mental fat day and 2) waking up at 4AM sucks after a show that will get out around 1. Tomorrow is MY "Friday" in that I have Friday and Saturday off. Jamie and I are hitting Belcourt for the MTS3K/Rifftrax live riffing of Vincent Price's House On Haunted Hill. Oh, what the dude-to-mila ratio will be!

I guess I'll stop with all the Mila Kunis'ing. Pining around for some celebrity that I probably won't have an honest chance to ever meet...how realistic is that?

I need to find me an Emma Frost!



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A Twist [18 Oct 2010|07:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]



Who knew?

I'll find out a week or so after I return from NYC to see Rammstein. I plan on roadtripping out to LA for a week or so over the holidays. Last time I was there I had a run-in with then 14 year old, Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), and that left a nasty taste in my mouth. I was 15. 13 years later, I may have a different spin on the place, so why not give it a shot before I move everything to NYC just cos I like it (which means it just costs more apparently), a few friends from college days, and my sister who is trying to move back to Nashville more and more each year.

Animation voice over work exists primarily in LA and that is what I would like to do. Could I be Michael Pitt's stunt double? Sure! I'd gladly do that too! I've got a few friends out that way that could point me in the right direction, so it'd be rather idiotic not to take them up on their generosity in order to make up my mind.

Amber Tamblyn be damned...though since she's dating David Cross, I think she's changed as time has gone on, don't you think?


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Not Getting There (Or Bust) [12 Oct 2010|11:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]


Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall again last night...reeeeeally good flick, and I do recall reading a review when it came out that it was good, but definitely NOT a date movie. Yeh. I can totally agree with that.

Still no Mila Kunis (MILAAAAAAAA!!!), but I'm not a 6'4" dude with booming baritone voice either (though I shouldn't be faulted for not trying). Instead, it was one of those days that was stressful enough to cause you to make a cocktail when you got home and after another one or so you realized it was only 5 in the afternoon. I really don't like days like those.

Turns out due to work scheduling be all wonkier than normal this week...AND next week...my dear friends from ATL will not be making a trip up yonder, thus I shall not see them for the rest of the year (barring I don't decide to drive down to the ATL, but I'm not good friends with that city at the moment - sorry OutKast, Goodie Mob).

Moved a dresser back into the house between bouts of rain earlier today. Yay...a place to put laundry is once again available to me instead of sorting through random boxes that sit around the den (oh, total "dude" move, I'm aware).

It's kinda shit when the highlight of your day is fantasy hockey, isn't it?


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Art Immitates Life [10 Oct 2010|10:29pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]


Just finished watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall thanks to Get Him To The Greek coming out in stores today. I apparently couldn't have picked a better time to watch that film cos that's damn near what's going on in my life...3 exceptions though:

1) My ex isn't seeing anyone else - which makes it easier to say "hey" every now and again.

2) I'm not trying to get my mind over it all in Hawaii. Sadly. Nope - I'm still stuck in Nashville with the same crowds of the same folks at the same places I know and either kinda like or rather don't like. Doesn't help with the whole "forward thinking" process, but ah well. Can't complain.

3) For some strange reason, Mila Kunis (or half-way decent understudy that might be mistaken for Mila Kunis) isn't helping to see and appreciate my life in a different context. Well...WHY THE FUCK NOT?!? *cough*...sorry.

Hockey season started back up this Saturday and that was awesome. My eye is twitching a little less...but it's still there, despite a handful of more hours of sleep than I got last week. I wonder if it's just stress. Could be.

Cleaned the kitchen up a little, but still have more cleaning to do. Organized my room a little, but still have tons of organizing to do. Picked up a few essentials...snacks...running shoes...a decent sized laundry hamper...new music. Come to think of it, none of those are really essentials, are they? Piss off, they're nice to have (snagged an old Girls Against Boys album among other things...great stuff)!

Work tomorrow until Friday. Game on Thursday. Improv comedy Friday. Friends may or may not come over this weekend or next weekend from out of town. Another game Saturday. So on and so forth. Yay, hockey. Boo, no Mila Kunis.

Goddammit, my eye is twitching now. Thanks for caring, Mila!

Perhaps I should try my hand in LA instead? Ha...Insta-Death:1, JK:0.


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Twitch [08 Oct 2010|11:36pm]
[ mood | blah ]


Back to "lonely Fridays" for me!

Having only had the chance at 3 and a half hours or so of sleep for each of the last three or four nights, my right eye has been twitching on and off since yesterday morning. I figured I'd come home from work today, grab a bite after running errands, fix a drink then take a long nap or something - then perhaps chill out with friends.

Things went well until the nap-taking aspect of things. Got a fifteen minute power nap after lunch and some vodka, but couldn't go back to sleep. I still can't right now if I tried. I naturally hit the hay around midnight...1AM or so. Then wake up at 430AM to hit snooze for fifteen minutes, finally waking to have a bowl of cereal, then head to work. The first week of this schedule I tried to sleep in. I had to force myself to sleep in; still woke up at 10AM. Last week I woke up early naturally and hit up a Goodwill for half-off day. This weekend is Oktoberfest, and as much as I'd like to beat the lines and shitty parking by being up early...I NEED SLEEP. This twitch is ridiculous - and the incessant yawning.

I watched a handful of hockey games online at the same time, moved some clothes and things into my still very empty bedroom, and did a load of laundry. I'm a fuckin' animal, I tell you. Too tired to want to go out tonight even if I did have any friends that wanted to hang out - but most of those I can think of (all...eight of them) were already up to things or still working or don't live in this region of the country (sad when I'm counting them in this, right?). Said it before and I'll say it again, need to obtain more single friends.

The one thing that I did do that might be of interest to some folks...I snagged a Rammstein ticket for their only show in the US (and the first one in 10 years after being arrested after a show in MA)...at Madison Square Garden! My sis gave me the thumbs up to crash at her place and now it's up to Southwest to give me cheaper rates, but that's as likely as I am to get a second wind and go out on the town right now. Blah blah blah - RAMMSTEIN!

This is the first time I've ever actually lived in this bedroom by the way. Before then it was merely the guest room. Then it was Steph's room. Then it was our room (but most of my stuff was still downstairs in the studio closet). Then I sold her all of the furniture in the room sans bed. Now I have a 14'x12' room with a bed and a nightstand in it, a makeshift desk, a half-size filing cabinet aaaaand a few other things she needs to pick up. Oh, the echo. The uncomfortable space. If it were all brushed steel, glass and glossy white a la Stanley Kubrick space-stations or milk bars, I'd be fine with nothing but a bed and nightstand, but that is not the case.

I hate to say it, but I have to hit up a Bed,Bed&Beyond. And I gotta sweep up all this dog hair. And do dishes. And [insert list of chores; some that will get done and some that will be postponed once again until next weekend - here].

Nothing like mass consumerism, modern-day housekeeping and the raw, dirge industrial sounds of Swans.

"I am open, I am torn apart."


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Where To Start [05 Oct 2010|11:30pm]
[ mood | weird ]


I don't know where to begin. I don't have any clear idea about this blog - total stream of consciousness blahging.

Sonder is somewhere in the house, getting used to the idea that there aren't actually any other animals roaming around to irritate him. That being said, I shouldn't have taken his collar off - I cannot find him anywhere. He may have used his 7-clawed front paws to turn the lock and knob of the back door; perhaps lit himself on fire with a zippo or tangled himself up in a "cat's cradle" with his mad knitting skills he must possess...cos he has so many damn claws on his front paws.

Shouldn't have eaten chili for dinner. Not that it's doing what chili seems to do to most people to me at the moment - I just ate it hours ago and I'm still disgustingly full despite not having much for breakfast or lunch. Bleh - and now I'm about hit the hay with a bloated flesh bubble (tummy).

Been researching more hockey news for the sake of absorbing more information about teams from around the world. Perhaps I'm doing this in order to come up with new ideas to send to IntentToBlow.com (imagine if The Onion were about hockey all the time aaaand I'm writing for it). I dunno. Wasted my night away to say the least.


I own plenty of that, rather, what will become waste at a yard sale if it doesn't sell. Currently, I'm in the state of reorganizing. Not only due to the basement finally being re-finished last month (still gotta paint one more room, dammit), but because I find myself living as a bachelor once again (excluding the hermit that lives in one of the rooms and comes out only to heat up HungryMan meals or to mix generic KoolAid packets in water because that's the only way he'll drink water of any kind - I know - totally brings in the ladies, right?). Re-organizing the shop for a couple of few month periods before I sell this money pit and get the hell outta Dodge (TN) for a new chapter of life.

Oh, I've got people here I will miss like a drunk Robin Hood, but I feel like I've gotta do it.

Will I even bother trying to play any shows before moving day? I don't rightly know. I've had a chance or two recently, but I'm trying to A) Get my shit together and B) hang out with the folks I care about the most as much as possible before I can't (I'd scream/type your name out in CAPS right now, but it's too late for that to not be scandalous).

Gotta start skating. Must meet my goal by the end of this year, unlike last year when I made the same goal (to play in goal as a matter of fact).

Friends, hockey, house, and keeping my wits about me and as sharp as possible. That's about the gist of it at the moment.


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And your little dog, too! [27 Sep 2010|11:33pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Readership (though I'm sure with all of the many other options, LJ readers are fewer and farther between),

It's been about a year and a half since our last confrontation. Of course, it only takes one person to bring me back to this place, just as it did before, but here I am regardless.

Let's get this done and over with, shall we?

New Categories-

Pet Update: Sonder (cat) is still No.1, mainly due to the fact that Falkous (dog) will be going with his mommy to their new apartment next week. He ended up being a momma's boy, so he goes with momma. Had many fish and many of those many died due to mysterious circumstances.

Disasters: Nashville Flood of 2010 - 4" of water throughout my finished basement - ruined the summer, pretty much.

Venue for Goth/Industrial Night: The Rutledge (for a 2nd time); for the first time ever, it's monthly and on Saturdays.

Original Categories-

City In Which I Reside: Nashville (East Nashville - still; 4 years this Halloween. I should've guessed closing on Friday the 13th in October and getting the keys on the 31st would result in money-pit disaster - mainly due to the flood last May [a year from the previous post], but still...)

People in Clist: What's Clist other than my LiveJournal name?

Job: Cook (Vanderbilt; economy still hasn't gotten any better)

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner - the Final Cut (Crank ended up being "Biggest Pleasant Surprise")

Favorite TV Show: Mad Men

New Annual Event: n/a

Worst Moment in Music: Coheed & Cambria and anything that guy sings.

Girlfriend: A year and a half later and it ended about 2 weeks ago. So...n/a.

Last Year's Categories -

Favorite drink: Scotch Old Fashioned.

Favorite Moment in Music: Discovering there is some good black metal out there (Keep of Kalessin).

Favorite Live Show Since Radiohead In Atlanta: Hasn't been topped yet.

Neat fact: The head baker at my workplace is from my dad's hometown of Mayfield,KY and actually recalled hearing his name before.

Other assorted facts-

-My basement now is tiled instead of carpeted (damn flood waters won't get me again!)

-Stephanie and I are still sharing hockey tickets (2nd year in a row), despite no longer being a couple. Is it awkward? Tiny bit, but hockey is hockey is hockey.

-OmenMachine is finally regrouping and going into writing mode beginning next week. Let's see what happens before...

-My move to NYC. VO is in NYC. Comedy is in NYC. Brothers in music (ie. Victor Furious and gang) are in NYC. My sister is in NYC (and currently engaged to a lovely feller in Nashville, so this is "for the time being"). The "Most Beautiful Girl In The 5 Boroughs" (Jamie kinda knows what I'm talking about) is in NYC. "Hot Chicken" restaurants that need to have me provide to them strict criticism and an ass whoopin' are in NYC. The best (and cheapest...and spiciest) falafel is in NYC. So...yeh...next year...NYC.

-I have many "couple" friends and not enough "single" friends. This needs to be rectified.

-Mad Men got me to import real clove cigarettes from India cos the garbage they sell here thanks to Obama and friends is a joke and a way for Big Tobacco to have full control of the market. Thanks, Big O. It also influenced me to reconsider my furniture theme (also thanks to Katy and her Nashville apartment's set up...totally mid-century hotness).

-Swans aren't dead; just released a new album. Listening to it now.

-Nashville Greenway off-trail paths are awesome adventures with the right people; boring by yourself.

-Thierry Mugler came out with Angel Men: Pure Coffee, Angel Men: Pure Malt and Angel Men: Sunessence. I have them all (some doubles cos they're limited edition scents), bringing my current cologne collection (partial and full bottles) to 10.

-I will have a huge garage sale in the coming months...you're all invited. There will be clothes, furniture, CDs, games, and very random shit. I've gathered for too long!

-Roy's going to be a daddy. Jamie is, like myself, a bachelor once again.

That's it for now. I haven't been using MySpace much. It's become too much of a joke. I've been FaceBooking it, but like I said...keep getting reeled back to LJ. You're welcome, and thank you.


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Hang Ten (Months) [25 May 2009|10:31pm]
Nearly a year, but since I finally decided to clean out the ol gmail account, the last update caught my eye and I figured I should give it a good "heave-ho!". How's about another update after ten months, shall we?

City In Which I Reside: Nashville (East Nashville - bought a house - economy collapsed - can't sell it for awhile - don't know if I want to anyhow [grand plans of turning the basement into my own bar for myself and friends is rather tempting])
People in Clist: Me, Jamie and Roy - yep, oddly enough you should see the last post and laugh when I say two years and two months later, the band is back together ;D
Job: Prep Cook / Dishwasher / Cook - Pied Piper Eatery (fuckin' economy)
Favorite Movie: Blade Runner - the Final Cut
Favorite TV Show: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
New Annual Event: The Damn Fine Coffee Twin Peaks Marathon (though it didn't happen this past Feb. due to multiple deaths on both sides of the family - being a paul bearer twice in one month is strange)
Worst Moment in Music: I hear this obnoxious pop fella that was featured on MySpace, but I can't recall his name. One word, short name, lots of rainbows and happiness in his cover art. I nearly ripped it out of my girlfriend's cd player and threw it out the window.
Girlfriend: Stephanie!!! A friend of Crispy's is a friend of mine and she needed a place to move into since she was moving from ATL - 3 months later, we fell for one another and everything is going swimmingly. It's almost been 3 months since we've been together and I gotta say, this is it. I say that without knocking on wood cos I don't need no fucking wood! ;D

Last year's categories:
Favorite drink: Scotch and soda.
Favorite Moment in Music: Otis & the Rufies finally releasing an album while breaking up at the same time.
Favorite Live Show Since Radiohead In Atlanta: Ohgr was fun.
Neat fact: Met up with my cousins in Cali after not seeing them for a decade and things went over rather well. Most of us are cool as hell to hang out with. I'd say 9 out of 10 of us...

Other assorted facts:
- Steph and I got a dog - a half Welsh corgie, half husky - his name is Falkous.
- Wasn't a Preds ticket holder last year, but alas, the economy (damn it to hell) forced the team to reduce prices on ticket packages and Steph and I signed up for 2 years worth of season tix!!! I told you, don't need to knock on wood!
- Nashville is home. Minneapolis could provide a lovely vacation home one of these days.
- Clist is back just cos it needed to be. Steph is the band manager (cos we all know that's just another name for "girlfriend" anyhow)
- Jamie and his gal are now engaged.
- Roy got married earlier this year.

Soooo that's that. Looking for a better job that provides consistent schedules and day hours (for the hockey-ing), coming up with menu ideas for a restaurant I'd love to open in the future (or at least in my basement I wanna turn into a bar), about to work more on creating a radio opera I hope to have done come Fall semester for 91.1 WRVU, aaaaand Clist. Wraps it up here for now.

'Til then!


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Lemon Drizzle Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake...Have Ye Any Nuts? [18 Jun 2006|12:55am]
The Lemon Drizzle Cake contains...NO NUTS!

As I haven't updated for my lovely LJ readers for some time now, I felt it was my civic duty to fill you in. I've become obsessed with Little Britain and have been able to get some of my closest friends hooked on it as well. Aside from being brilliant, it's also kicked my sketch comic writing in the ass a bit to get to work. Yay, ass-kicking British imports!

Clist went to Centennial Park and downtown to take silly pics since there haven't been many band pics in the past. Some of these new pics can be found at the updated Clist Myspace page (www.myspace.com/clist). Jamie (drummer) and I recorded the drums and bass of a new Clist song in the SAE studios off Music Row - all of this thanks to Chris Forte, SAE student and former Kinko's employee (back when I worked at Kinko's as well). He and his audio lab partnet seemed to like it enough. We'll be back in the studio in 2 weeks to record guitar and vocals. I'm excited.

Interbreeding VIII:Elements of Violence was officially released by BLC last week (June 12th, just...2 months off the proposed time) and OmenMachine is track 14 on disc 1. I have a package back at the post office - I'd like to think it's a few copies of IBVIII, but something tells me I won't get my copies for a few more weeks. Currently waiting on a quote for a few t-shirts for OM to sell on the road next month. The realization that OM will be on the road to play shows makes me giddy at the possibilities of actual tours and more shows with Clist. All the recent Clist stuff has be excited again. My interests are jumping all over the place like a hyperactive cat in heat...whose feet caught flame. Little Britain reference to show my excitement, "Ya-hooooooooo-ooooo-ooooo-ooh..."

I'm also in the process of attempting to create a new political party or at least an organization towards a utopian society. Idealistic? Sure, but why not? The Metropolis Party will prevail.

Tomorrow (technically, later today) I get to meet Lauren's sister. She's in town this weekend and well...why make a trip down to Nashville and not meet me, right? Am I right? Can I get an "amen"? No? Fine. It should be fun anyway. I don't need your amens-o-pity.

I'm off to sleep.


ps. oh yeh - I'm rather giddy tonight cos Future of the Left just put up 3 new demos. Future of the Left is 2/3rds of Mclusky. Heheheheeeheheheehe...the legend of the falkous continues. www.myspace.com/futureoftheleft

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Back at ya, baby! [03 Jun 2006|07:33pm]
elouai's doll maker 3

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Sonuvabitch. [24 May 2006|04:35pm]
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 weird facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 5 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.


If only it weren't my g/f that tagged me, but nooOOOOooo. I must comply to the mandates and laws stated above. Here goes nothing:

1. The hairdryer. Those of you that know me, know I use my hairdryer constantly. I don't use it to dry my hair, though the thought has crossed my mind. Since I was 3, I would sit in front of the heating grate in the cold months. When I was 13, one summer day I felt like turning on the heat. It stunk up the whole house and I got a talkin' to. What else could I use other than a hair dryer? So began my feet and hand warming with the hairdryer. I've gone through about four or five hair dryers (generally one every two to three years), using it on my hair maybe just as many times (five). It feels good, warms you up, cures your aches and pains and can catch your crotch on fire when it's about to break. In fact, I just turned it on.

2. I feel that Armour canned Chili is the best chili you can buy. I've had plenty of chili, but none has touched Armour brand Chili - not after I get done with it. Some hot sauces, bit of garlic powder and some melted cheese and it's pure brilliance.

3. Related to the above, I used to collect hot sauces. I had around 80 at one point. I don't collect them as much any more. I use whatever I buy now. I have five in my fridge at this very moment. I made my own garlic habanero sauce once (w/o gloves) and my hands burned for 4 days whenever I touched anything remotely warm.

4. I have a man-crush on Jack Bauer, as he is God and can reign death upon whomever he chooses. Not Kiefer, though. He just gets pissy when you tell him he can't smoke in a fancy restaurant.

5. I don't fancy myself a goth kid. I wear black alot, but that means nothing. I have lots of color shirts and green and brown and grey and blue pants as well. Goth kids don't wear green unless it's neon or brown at all. I do. And my lyrics aren't THAT shit. But I do have an obsession of vampires. Half of the tv shows I own, half the comics I read, a fourth of the movies I have (more movies than comics or tv shows) deal with the Undead. I feel that the members of Cirque De Soileilieeijl are vampires and I must find a clever way of persuading them that I am worthy. Perhaps if I do my best Jack Bauer impression? Who am I kidding. That's taking the Lords name in vain. Actually...I'd have to damn Mclusky in order to do that. And that's not going to happen any time soon.


ps. the following people are tagged:


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CANCELLED - OmenMachine@NV - CANCELLED [17 May 2006|12:36pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Keeping you updated and informed:

Subversion will still be on at 9pm with DJs Reaver and Assimilat playing pulse pounding industrial and terror EBM at Club NV, but due to unforeseen matters, both technical and private, the live performance by OmenMachine, as well as the BLC CD release party, will have to be rescheduled for sometime in the next month.

I do hope that I've caught you early enough so you can make other plans tonight and I am truly sorry for this. I will make it up to those who looked forward to tonight tenfold when we work with the Subversion team in rescheduling tonight's postponed event.

j.k. - omen machine


*le sigh*


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Good Life [13 May 2006|06:01pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I'm pretty damn content at the moment.

I'm typing this from my job - a short, 3 hour day, but I'm still getting paid. I'm on my new Mac Book Pro, 17", ripping my music into a fresh, unpolluted iTunes, where I can share my music over my job's network and play my songs in the store at full blast. I'm eating garlic pita chips I had a few days ago that DID NOT get taken by other employees (unlike every other job I've had). I got to spend the day off with my friends and celebrated my one month with my lovely girlfriend, Lauren, by phone calls, emails and packages. I have an OmenMachine show this coming wednesday (at Club NV), just finished my first remix and have been talking to some rather nice people making similar music to my own in various scenes around the country - example: because I joined the Louisville Goth forum, I read a post about a festival happening in Cleveland (where Lauren is). I checked up on it and contacted the guy in charge of getting bands for the festival and I received positive confirmation regarding my request to be a part of the fest. Happy fucking day! All that, and I got to see my kitties (haven't seen them in a month or longer - Mina is moving to Denver, so I got some cute pics of her and Cico and Anya too)!!!

Oh - and I picked up a wireless router so I can actually use my laptop cos comcast's land connection doesn't appreciate the goodness of macs. Suck on that - it's Comcrapstic!

A friendly reminder: tomorrow is mother's day. I'm off to Hendersonville for a handful of hours, a reservation lunch, cute cards and gift stuffs.


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One [11 May 2006|12:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

One Month.
It's been a month since Lauren and I have been together. It's been one very lovely month. A year is next.
More after that.

One Week.
Or maybe more since I've shaved. This morning when I awoke, I had A Fistful of Dollars goin' on. The hair, the grizzliness. Oh yeh. If you're gonna shoot, shoot - don't talk. Oh Tuco.

One Mac.
Mac Book Pro - 17" - hell yeh. I just need to find my comcast disc so I can hook it up to the cable modem.

Remember that Metallica video with the vietnam guy and the face mask that reminds ya of that GI Joe character?


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Nettwerk:Notworth it apparently [09 May 2006|03:42pm]
So, my few and far between LiveJournal readers, something has come up and back down again. My hopes to, so soon, have some link to Skinny Puppy (aside from the keyboard I bought from them - which, come to think of it, is more of a direct link anyway, but I'm ranting now). OmenMachine was to play at The Sync, a small stage in the offices of Nettwerk, the label that Skinny Puppy helped keep alive in the 80s in Canada. Well...as of last evening, it was decided that the style of music OmenMachine performs isn't the style they want to promote for their new Nashville location. Of course, bullshit acousti-country is all they're interested in. That and whomever they have already signed (like The Goo Goo Dolls). So that was a short-lived hope.

Onward and upward, ol bean! I'm trying to book as many OmenMachine shows as possible between now and July. Clist may exist again, but after the OmenMachine train makes a stop. ChooChoo-OontzOontzOontzOontzOontz.


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Decaying Dreams [06 May 2006|11:05am]
shit...let's see:
driving through what seems to be a college campus in the rain. getting stuck behind some old maid professor walking in the middle of the street, telling me i was driving too fast to begin with (40 in a 30) and she keeps trying to get my information. for some reason, i ditch the car and keep trying to leave the area. houses surround it and this kid is on the front porch and i talk a little bit and a truck drops 2 awesome theatre chairs in the middle of the road (they recline!), but since i have two of my own already, and no way to haul them, i tell the kid's father and they take'em. "and you can say thank you now," as i walk away. "yeh - thanks". ungrateful sack.

the beginning of the dream...some of it's coming back:
worked on a project with a few people on campus, dealing with some movie. another project got picked up by hollywood, so we figured we'd give it a go. ours was more of a horror thing. theirs was a social/gay thing - oh brokeback, they long to be you.
and i had some weird flippy camera/phone/palm pilot device. oh shit (just remembered while drinking my coffee...i'm jumping with edits in time in my post here - you'll see what i mean)! there were some weird animals too - this one small creature that looked amphibious (kinda tadpole looking with no face - a flat, broom head), but i was being nice to all the animals and thing that were in the room, so i was curious and nice to this thing and it began to transform into more of a complex creature, nodded to me and took off the other way.

i left and it began to rain - see first paragraph for the rest.

ooo! my coffee is ready (see what i mean now, doc?). i don't have to work until 6 this evening, but i do have to work until 1 in the morning for againg babyboomer hippies. tonight we're having, NO - not the comedy night i proposed that "sounds like a good idea", but "the store's not ready for it" - we're having a fucking drum circle (and not the Burning Man kind - more of the Sad Bastard Man kind). the tips better be worth it.

in the 6 hours i have until work, i need to do something with my day. thankfully, at this place, i have DAY to work with, so i'm still getting used to that. at kinko's i had to work from 12-8 all the time...so i had no day other than an hour or two of morning to wake up with my coffee, make a bullshit lunch and go until i was so stressed i just wanted to come home and sit down with a drink and say "fuck it" to the rest of the night. yeh...i'm freshly rested. i have my coffee and will have time to make a nice lunch and eat it at a good pace. i should clean up my place a little, as it's getting rather bad. i should work on some OmenMachine remixes and get some online promo done with that. i could also begin designing a website idea for The Genius Tyson to go by so he can make said website (www.tysonsmith.net - he's actually a Da Vinci reincarnate, but is too afraid to say with all the Dan Brown business going about).
Whatever it is I'll be doing, I'm listening to the damn Hellsing sdtks...cos they're rather good.

And if you are visiting here for the first time via my last post on MySpace...that was the vodka, not the ego, talking.


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Bookstores, Hellsing and Nudity - Oh My! [05 May 2006|01:00pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

A new update for a new day. Happy Fifth of May for all you beer and tequila guzzling fools out there! Happy birthday to Roy!! Enough with the jibber-jabber. On to the post:

My girlfriend just got a new job that she is happy with! Everybody must rejoice, even if it's only cos you're drunk right now (cinco, cinco) and succumb to suggestions and commands much easier than normal. Yay! Monies will be made - lives in better places will come sooner than later - yay monies!! Bravo, love. I'm proud of you!

She's had some influence on me, even all the way out in Cleveland town. I've been looking back at my anime shit lately. I've never been a huge fan, but when it's good, it's good. And my curiosity for the series Hellsing came back - enough for me to Netflix it and then buy a bootleg of the whole series for ten bucks (beats 5 dvds at $16.99 a pop). I watch the dubs only cos Cowboy Bebop spoiled me - and I must say...those are some of the worst damn British accents I've ever heard. Bloody awful. Indeed. It's a good concept nonetheless, and Alucard - if my id and my super-ego were one and the same...and a damn anime character - it'd be just like that. I'm comparing my psyche to anime characters. I am geekier than ever. Can't wait for DragonCon to roll back around.

Lastly...eh...you can put 2 and 2 together - I'm off to the shower.


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Chianti Makes You Crave [03 May 2006|04:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So here's an update for you, LiveJournal readers.

I walked around West End for a lil bit - picked up Delicatessen on dvd - came back here and popped back open the giant bottle of chianti I started on last night (thanks to my friend Nico going on and on about how her chianti was so delicious). Well...it's back open as I sit and wait on my friends Jamie (clist drummer) and Brittany (clist drummer's master of all that is). What shall we eat tonight? You guessed it (even though I'm sure you didn't)...ChinaDragon! I don't know if we'll walk over there or not, but it's a damn fine day to walk. I already have. I'd gladly do it again. But walking with a bag of chinese food about 8 blocks when all you really wanna do is eat it right then and there?? I don't know.

So yeh...back to the sitting...I'm normally doing that when I'm typing to you all. Rarely standing. Even more rare, while breakdancing. Listening to the Silent Hill 3 sdtk cos some of the songs were in the movie and the movie, albeit mostly SHIT, had a good sdtk. Man...that movie was awful. Bad acting, bad script, bad CGI, good sdtk. A quote from an SH3 sdtk song, "this movie doesn't end the way that we want..." - too bad they left it open for a shitty sequel. And yes, it will be shitty.

I've been breaking out old Soundgarden albums lately. The pre-Seattle boom and post-Seattle boom. Don't laugh at me. I know that some of the songs are kinda cheesy in retrospect (Soundgarden lyrics mentioned snakes a lot...kinda silly, but I don't hear people laughing at Led Zepplin and their damn Tolkien fetish), but there are some damn fine songs in their catalog. As Nico mentioned in the part of the conversation when we quit talking about how great wine is and began talking about birthdays, we're getting old - and the sad part is...we're still pretty fucking young.

Let's compare ourselves to wine then - we're great now, but get better with age. Meh. I know - an optimistic, cheese take on it. But wine goes so well with cheese. Ohkay...I'm stopping the un-punny linquirdisms.


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